A small local contractor once requested a second-hand generator from us so that he could lit up his impoverishment village back home. After some studies, we realized that the diesel generator was not a solution as fuel and transportation cost would have been too costly. It was then we decided to do a charity project and build a biogas system that could solve both the power shortage problem and also the long-standing sewage issue.  

We were newbies, after many rounds of discussions, failures, and research, we finally managed to get the system up. The experience has been enriching, to say the least, but importantly allowed us to realize the potential and future of biogas. It was then, we embarked on a transformation of our company product range. Biogas experts and consultants were engaged and test room with pipeline was installed to enable testing to be done at our premises.

Today, Jensonn boast a team of biogas experts that can design and perform build, transfer and operate seamlessly. From the initial agriculture waste system, our current range now encompasses landfill gas and sewage gas. From small holders to power plants, we have a solution for you.

Let's work toward green energy, our future needs them 


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