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Jensonn Power Systems was built by a group of traders who have suffered from widespread practices or lack of quality control, for years. Everyone tries to be the lowest price without really knowing the customer's needs.

That’s why Jensonn Power Systems is built on the basis of listening, listening to customer needs, listening to the market, and listening to our hearts. Governing by our inner beliefs, we have resisted cutting corners and the temptation of inferior materials, believing that someday someone out there will appreciate a good product than just a cheap product.
It has been a tough journey trying to crave into the blue sea. We met with many obstacles, educating our suppliers and sub-contractors that the usual haphazard way of doing things could not hold here in Jensonn. Many shunt us, many made a mockery of us and many believe we might never survive to see the tomorrow morning sun. However, thankfully a handful has chosen to believe in us and the rest, as the saying goes, is the history in the making.

Today, Jensonn Power Systems has grown to deliver its products worldwide, having footprints in all seven continents of the world. Moving forward, our facilities have been upgraded to carry our new gas genset range, a leap for us into the next millennium. The progress has been something to be proud of but our beliefs stay firm, we never want to be the biggest and we never want to be the most profitable, we only want to be the partner that journey with you. Thank you and welcome to Jensonn. 


115A Commonwealth Drive #05-22, Singapore (149596)


+65-6743 7718


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